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Annual Report 2020 the Swiss contribution


The Annual Report 2020 provides insight into the projects still underway in Croatia, the newest EU Member State.
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Since 2007, Switzerland has contributed CHF 1.302 billion to projects aimed at reducing economic and social disparities within the enlarged EU. This also helps Switzerland establish an important basis for solid economic and political relations with the EU and its member states. 
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While 12 of the 13 countries Switzerland has partnered with for its enlargement contribution have now completed their projects, work is still under way in Croatia, the EU's newest member state.
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Switzerland is supporting three municipalities in the mountain region of Gorski Kotar in north-western Croatia in the construction and renovation of water infrastructure. Dilapidated pipelines have led to high water losses and there is a lack of sewage treatment plants.

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Switzerland also supports young Croatian researchers with a scholarship and international mentoring from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne. This allows for testing of what could be an alternative career model for universities. Here, the Evolution in the Dark team led by Dr Helena Bilandžija.

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The cooperation programme reached its first milestone in 2020 with the completion of its vocational education project. For three years, Switzerland had supported a reform process managed by the Croatian ministry of education.
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Six courses of study were adapted as part of the vocational education project. These are now better aligned with real-world practices and the labour market.

All achievements of the enlargement contribution made for Croatia
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